Ink, 6″ x 4″

I fell behind a day with the WordPress posts, but I kept up with the drawings and Instagram.  The prompt for Inktober day 7 was “shy”.  Yes, I had to go Kajagoogoo with it!  I messed around with a dip pen and ink spatter this time, just to switch things up a bit.  I used some masking fluid for the lettering before getting messy with the spatter.  The masking fluid and wetter inks don’t play nice with the paper in this book.  It shreds the surface if I’m not super careful.  I’ll have to switch papers if I do more with dip pens or washes or masking.  No biggie.

Is the song stuck in your head now?  You’re welcome.


Ink, 8″ x 5″

Inktober Day 5!  The prompt today is “long”.  I chose not to draw something that is literally long and instead worked from the film Rumblefish.  Tom Waits plays Benny, the proprietor of a pool hall where Rusty James and his friends hang out.  Rusty James is sitting at the window table lost in thought.

Benny:  What’s the matter with you?  I ain’t never seen you sit still so long.

Rusty James: How do you know when someone’s crazy?

Benny: Well, you don’t always.  It depends on how many people think they’re crazy.


INK03poison 2

Ink, 8″ x 5″

The prompt for day 3 of the Inktober drawing challenge is “poison”.  My inspiration was “The Battle of Wits” scene in the Princess Bride.  Drawn with Faber Castell PITT Artist Pens.  I try out new pens all the time but keep coming back to these.  The new soft brush nibs are great fun to use.

Tomorrow’s prompt is “underwater”.  I’m not sure what I will draw yet.  It has been a while since my last Sktchy drawing so I may wait and see what Sktchy sends for their underwater inspiration.  I am enjoying Inktober immensely and love looking at the work artists all over the world are putting out there for it.


Ink, 8″ x 8″

The Inktober challenge Day 2 prompt is “divided”.  I began with a couple drawings of Ian Curtis of Joy Division but they were just not working out.  When a Joy Division song popped up on my playlist I called out ,”Ian!  I’m trying!”  In the end it was a bust.


“What else can I do?” I wondered.  Divided, divided, house divided?  Lincoln!  And that is how I got to Lincoln from Joy Division.


Tomorrow I am working a Princess Bride theme.  It is the 30th anniversary of the film, after all, and it’s returning to some theaters for limited dates this month.  Fun stuff!

#inktober,  #inktober2017

INK01swift copy

I am joining the fun in the Inktober drawing challenge.  Make an ink drawing every day for the month of October.  The prompt today was “swift”, which made me think of Jonathan Swift of Gulliver’s Travels fame.  Turns out he wrote a little poem called “On Ink”.  How fitting!   Here’s an excerpt:

I am jet black, as you may see,

the son of pitch and gloomy night.

Yet all that know me will agree,

I’m dead except I live in light.

Tomorrow’s prompt is “divided” and I have yet to come up with an idea for it.



Graphite, gouache, ink. 13cm x 20cm

This drawing is from last November.  My source photo has been misplaced and I cannot remember who it is. It’s in the computer somewhere. I drew with sanguine marker first, put in the darks with black brush pen, and then used a white gel pen for the lights.  

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