Sketchbook Drawings


Graphite, gouache, ink. 13cm x 20cm

This drawing is from last November.  My source photo has been misplaced and I cannot remember who it is. It’s in the computer somewhere. I drew with sanguine marker first, put in the darks with black brush pen, and then used a white gel pen for the lights.  


Ink, 5″ x 8″

There is an app out there for people like me who like to draw random strangers.  There appears to be a lot of us!  The app is called Sktchy, and  I learned about it from another artist whose blog I have followed for a long time.  Sktchy is a great source of inspiration for anyone who likes to draw, sketch, or paint people.  If you use Sktchy I’m on as Siver Black.

The drawing here was done with PITT art markers and a Pentel Pocket Brush pen.

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