Steamroller Printmaking Exhibit

“Nothing to Fear, Only Poets and Justice”, woodcut, 36″ x 60″, 2021

My large scale woodcut print, shown above, will be in an exhibit next week at The Printing Museum in Houston. Steamrolled VIII opens January 13 and runs until March 5. Opening reception is the 13th from 6-8pm. All of the work in the show was printed with a 2-ton steamroller this past October at Houston Print Matters‘ biennial event: Rockin’ Rollin’ Prints.

Originally this was scheduled for 2020 and the theme was “20/20 Vision”. It was delayed, of course, but the theme was kept. I was honored to be chosen to design a logo graphic in early 2020, pre-pandemic. I hadn’t yet carved my block, or even fully thought out the design, but I knew what the main element would be: a woman with a phoropter with rays shooting out of it. Here it is on a banner outside the Printing Museum:

Rockin’ Rollin’ Prints banner at the Printing Museum

Next week I will post pictures of the exhibit.

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