Sketch of Lyons Ave, Houston

Lyons Ave

Ink and watercolor, 9″ x 12″

A view down Lyons Ave, Houston, on a grey and drizzly day last week.  I had to bail on this drawing twice because of rain.  I started on a Friday and intended to do everything with black and grey markers because the day was so dreary. Only got as far as the marquee and the seriously leaning power pole before things got too wet.  

I came back the following Tuesday and the building across the street changed my mind about continuing in grey tones, so I shifted gears into watercolor. Had to quit again because of rain, but I call it done. This spot deserves another go on a sunnier day- I miss the shadows and contrast.

The red and yellow building across the street is a liquor store now, but back in the day was Ralston’s Drug Store and was listed in the Green Book. The DeLuxe Theater was restored just a few years ago and is now a performing art and event space.

I am working on a public art piece based on drawings done on location in the Fifth Ward. It will open in May and be on display through July. More on that later.


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  1. Great drawing. You’re putting me to shame. I haven’t drawn on the street for ages. I must get out again

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