David Bowie Sketch

img_4084 copy

By Siver Black

When I wake up in the morning I almost always have a song in my head.  Does that happen to you?  Sometimes it’s music I do not like, but usually it is something good (good meaning something I like!) and it influences the music I will listen to that day.  I woke up January 7th with “Starman” by David Bowie in my head and proceeded to listen to Bowie most of the day.  The next morning turned out to be David Bowie’s birthday, so the music marathon continued and I made this drawing.

This is drawn in an illo sketchbook, which I have come to like quite a lot. The background color is acrylic gouache scraped over the page with a palette knife. There is writing underneath that is almost entirely obscured by the inky madness. The drawing is done with parallel pens and the white is made with a white-out pen. The spatter? A good old toothbrush!

Do you wake up with music in your head?


1 comment
  1. Excellent work! I really like the loose and lively style of this.

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