Thank You Takeaway

thank you takeaway 1

Linocut Thank You Card, 5″ x 6.5″

I enjoyed making our holiday cards so much I decided to make Thank You cards also.  This Chinese food takeaway carton inspired piece is my first print of 2019. The cards are printed by hand from a carved linoleum block.  My first test prints were black ink on kraft paper cards and, although I liked them, I knew right away I wanted to try red ink on a lighter colored card.  The red ink was the right choice, I think.

I spent a couple of days trying to come up with an idea for a Thank You card and came up with nothing.  Nothing interesting anyway.  A day or two before New Year’s I was putting things away in the studio and tidying up.  I had new stickers to put away and I keep them in a takeaway carton.


Studio Clutter.  Watch out for Sharp Things!  Very Dangerous.

As I put the carton back on the shelf I noticed the “Thank You” and thought “That’s it!”  Inspiration can come from unexpected places!  Step one was to draw it out in pencil, simplifying the image on the carton and making the lettering fill up the flap.  Step two: transfer it to the linoleum in reverse.  Step three: carve it up!  I kept my cuts a little loose, not worrying about lines being perfectly straight and leaving little bits of background “noise”.  Step four: roll out the ink and print.


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