Sparkly Mask


Ink, 8″ x 10″

This drawing was supposed to be my Inktober day 4 but I didn’t finish in time.  I’m calling it day 4 anyway and will try and get another done tonight so as not to be be short a day.

I have been working on Strathmore Bristol- smooth paper,

which in fact is super smooth.  Pen and ink perform great on this paper, as do brush pens.  The main drawback for me is it doesn’t like to be very wet, and if I scrub at all when it is wet it will start to pill up and shred.  Because of this ink washes need to be done quickly and can’t be re-worked much. A hair dryer is a helpful tool for this work, also.

If you found this by searching Inktober tagged posts you may wonder how this relates to the prompts.  It doesn’t!  I am not doing the prompts this year and am doing portraits instead.  Do Inktober your own way, have fun and build those inking skills.

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