Lonely Boat


Ink and watercolor, 9″ x 7″

I have driven past this boat numerous times over  the last few months and it always makes me sad.  On a dreary grey day a couple of weeks ago I stopped to draw it. The drawing is unfinished because it began raining too hard to continue.

This was once a used car lot. Hurricane Harvey flooded it and many homes in the surrounding neighborhoods. My guess is the owner didn’t have flood insurance and ended up selling off everything for scrap metal, including the boat trailer.  There is no engine on it and it is sitting in the dirt, with its hull graffitied.

It makes me sad partly because it is a reminder of the hardship and loss so many suffered when Harvey caused all the creeks in the area to overflow, and partly as a symbol of loneliness and abandonment. I had to abandon the drawing because of rain- just like the boat was abandoned. You can see where rain drops landed especially in the red of the fence rails.

Inktober starts tomorrow! I’m fired up about it. Last year I did 17 days and felt pretty good about it, though I intended to do all 31. My biggest challenge really is posting every day. If you have followed me for a while you know how inconsistent I am!  I do draw and paint almost every day.


One of my favorites from Inktober 2017, inspiration from Sktchy


The Inktober prompts this year did not inspire me the way the 2017 prompts did. Last year I related many of the prompts to movies and songs but I don’t make those connections with the 2018 prompts. They are optional anyway, more to help lessen the time spent sitting there asking “hmmmm, what to draw?” I have decided not to use the prompts. Coming up with ideas for each day was stressing me out, and Inktober is about having fun and building ink skills. This year for the majority of the days I will be doing portraits from Sktchy. I have a large number of inspiration photos queued that are loosely halloween themed. People with masks, devil horns, spooky lighting, a few kids in creepy costumes, that sort of thing.

Are you doing Inktober?  If so, what’s your plan?

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