Urban Sketching: Cars in the Shop


Ink and watercolor, 7.5″ x 9.5″

My truck needed an oil change and some brake work done.  I brought my sketching gear with me with the intent of drawing my truck up on the lift and capturing a mechanic or two in action.  Instead I found this!

This is a 1967 Corvette. You can’t tell from this sketch but it is in beautiful shape. The shop is finishing a full restoration for the owner. Up in the air next to was a 1950’s Thunderbird! Why would I draw my truck when I could draw these beauties?

The owners of the shop were very accommodating. I stayed just inside the bay doors to not be in anyone’s way, and the corvette wasn’t actively being worked on. It’s likely they had never had someone ask if they could draw in the shop. They came and checked on me a couple of times. “There’s coffee and water in the waiting area, and can I peek at your drawing?”

Watercolor is new to me. I often have them with me but hesitate to bring them out and use them. I’m challenging myself to do it more.

  1. Did you end up having to photograph this site or did you sketch all at once?

    • All on location. About an hour and half.

      • You are lucky the car wasn’t moved, etc.

  2. sharri77 said:

    Great piece Rob! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well you rose to the challenge of using the watercolours – great drawing

  4. Annette Gayle said:

    That’s so rad! You are a true talent!

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