An Inky Portrait, and Time Wasted


Ink on paper, 6″ x 8″

It seems to me that every time I sit at my computer I do the same things: look at Facebook for far too long, check the weather, look at the news and email.  An hour is gone and I probably didn’t even do the thing that I had intended to do in the first place.  

Sometimes I even forget the reason for being there. Was I going to write a long overdue WordPress post? Was I ordering something? Was I researching an artist I had just heard of?

Why do I do this? So much time wasted. This is habit for me now and I wonder how to change it.  Today I made the WordPress reader my browser homepage with the hope that I will spend more time in this way. I hope it helps.

You may be wondering “Did you stop making art? There have been no posts since May!”

No, no, no. I have been doing quite a bit of work. If you follow on Instagram you have seen a fair bit of it. Most recently I have done some commissioned drawings of classic cars that were quite fun. This work was a direct result of my Urban Sketching. Most of the work on this blog is done in sketchbooks. I will continue to make this work if nobody cares or notices, but to have people see me making the work and say “I like that, I want that, will you do more for me?” is a wonderful thing.
Here is a great song about wasting time from an amazing album, my favorite album ever I daresay.
The Chameleons UK: “Time The End of Time”

Thank you to all of the long time followers of this blog who have stuck around through all of the lulls.

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  1. Facebook, the thief of time…… I do the same, I’m afraid. Beautiful drawing.

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