New Woodcut Print


“Homage to J.C.V.”  Woodcut relief print, 12″ x 18″

I completed this woodcut about two weeks ago as a birthday gift for my mom.  The motif is based on a design her grandfather created.  Juan Cleo Valenzuela was a skilled leather crafter and saddle maker in California.

The piece I used for inspiration is a small wall hanging, about 6″ by 9″.


Leather work by my great grandfather, Juan Cleo Valenzuela

I found this work fascinating to study up close.  The detail in some areas is so minute and  I was interested in the way he created tone and texture using stamps, cuts and burnishing.  I have heard woodcut artists talk about how they can sometimes recognize who made a particular print by the cuts, like recognizing an individual’s handwriting.  Certainly someone who studies this type of leather work would see something similar.

What’s next?  A color version!  I have carved three color blocks to print with the black line work on top, creating an image with blue, yellow, pink, green and orange.

Next week I will launch my new online shop. The black and white version and color version of this print will be my first two offerings!  If you want one stay tuned.  I will announce here and create a link to the shop page.

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