Sketches from the Knights Exhibit


Ink, 8″ x 11″

I used up the last couple of pages in two sketchbooks yesterday, and because I haven’t posted anything on WordPress since October I need to share some drawings.  Yes, TWO sketchbooks.  

One is Stillman and Birn which I started working in last summer, and one is Strathmore which I began in October.  There is in fact a third book with just a few pages left.  I like all three, but I still haven’t found the perfect book for me.

About these two drawings: they were done in December at the Knights Exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  It is a fascinating exhibit of European armor and weapons.  I went early on a Monday morning and had the place to myself.  These drawings are Faber Castell PITT markers in a Strathmore mixed media book.  I spent about 45 minutes on the suit of armor and about 10 on the horse.  I like seeing these two drawings together because of the different approaches.  With the knight’s armor I was aiming for accuracy and detail, and then with the horse armor I wanted to loosen up and get something more gestural.


Ink, 5.5″ x 8″

If I had a horse and was making armor for it, I would put a unicorn horn on it, too!  Wouldn’t you?

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  1. Good stuff! It’s good that today my wifi is allowing me to get caught up on reading my fav blogs. I was unplugged for few weeks during my recent move to a retirement apartment while they were working on their equipment. It’s a treat to see what you’ve been up to!

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