Inktober Day 12: Shattered


Ink, 8″ x 8″

It’s Day 12 of Inktober and the prompt is “shattered”.  I went for another Princess Bride piece and drew Valerie and Miracle Max.  “Ever since Prince Humperdink fired him his confidence has been shattered”.

This was created with my new parallel pens like yesterday’s drawing.  I tried to take it easy with the water this time because it’s easy to get carried away and melt everything.  Line really is the heart of my drawings so I don’t want them disappearing entirely.  The spatter was fun to play with here and was an attempt to bring Valerie’s dress forward a bit.

I was thinking about the whole Inktober thing yesterday and am amazed at how many people participate.  People all over the world, all ages and backgrounds and all skill levels.  Jake Parker started it in 2009 with just a handful of his blog followers joining in.  Now- as of this writing there are 1,810,113 posts with #inktober2017 on Instagram.  And there are 19 more days!  Crazy.


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