Inktober Day 11: Run


Ink, 9.5″ x 5.5″

The Inktober Day 11 prompt is “run”.  For today’s drawing I went with the original Blade Runner and did Zhora running from Deckard.  That’s a double “run”!

In making this I took a couple of giant steps out of my comfort zone.  The pens I used are new to me- Pilot parallel pens.  Man, they are fun.  They are designed for calligraphy so you can create some interesting marks, and will draw fine lines if turned on their side.  The ink they come with is water soluble so after inking the drawing I worked it over with water and a brush.  The ink just melts and can be made to behave like watercolor washes.

This is a new technique for me and it will take some practice.  I went a bit overboard with it!  Even so I’m pleased with the result and look forward to more.

Oh!  If you like the original film and haven’t seen the new one yet- it’s great.  Gorgeous.


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