A Selection of Daily Drawings

Do you remember the handmade sketchbook from India?  My wife bought it for me on a business trip.  I have drawn my morning coffee almost every day in this book and filled it yesterday.  Each day I use a slightly different approach than the day before.   Sometimes ink, sometimes pencil or colored pencil, sometimes watercolor or brush pen.  The paper in this book is heavily textured and sucks up water and ink, sometimes making the work turn out different from my intention.  That’s okay.

One of the things I like about this practice is on those days where life is busy and chaotic and I have the disappointed thought, “I didn’t make any art today”, I remember that isn’t true.  I made a drawing of my coffee!  Sure, maybe it was bad not as successful as some other drawings.  Maybe I was still half asleep.  But I got something done.

Here are some of my favorites.

I have started a new book and will continue these drawings.  Mostly it’s fun, but it also jump starts the art.  Like a warm up.

  1. Which reminds me, I have gotten out of the habit. And your drawings remind me they can be of any ordinary thing.

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