Another Sktchy Ink Portrait


Ink, graphite, gouache.  12cm x 20cm.

If you are on Sktchy you will probably recognize this guy.  If you aren’t on Sktchy, yes he really looks like this!  His pictures are super fun to draw from.

The beard, the bald head, the crazy facial expressions- I love it.  He sometimes uses props and costume pieces.   A crown, chainmail coif, steampunk goggles, wigs, bagpipes, all kinds of unexpected things.  He doesn’t draw; he enjoys making pictures for others to work from and seeing the art the comes from it.

This drawing is from March 5th.  I have not done any Sktchy drawings in a month because the giant woodcut took up so much time.  I will be back at it at least a couple times a week moving forward.  The Sktchy community is super fun and positive and I have missed it.

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