Handmade Sketchbook from India


Handmade Sketchbook from India.  This is a new sketchbook my wife bought for me on a recent trip to India.  I love how simple it is.  It is just paper tied together with string, and cloth sewn around the edges of the cover.  The paper inside is cream colored with little tan fibers scattered about.  The book also has an interesting smell.  Not a bad smell- it’s like clean laundry or something.  I can’t quite place it. As cool as the little book is, I was puzzled about what exactly I was going to do with it.  The paper is unusual and very, very thirsty.

A few days after she brought the book home I was on Danny Gregory’s blog and read about how he gets up in the morning and draws something while the kettle heats up.  Often he draws his breakfast and he has a sketchbook filled with drawings of the same teacup on different days.  I decided then I would fill my Buddha book with morning drawings of my coffee.  I’ve kept at it pretty well and only missed a couple of days.  Here is today’s:


Ink and watercolor.  11cm x 16cm

  1. That’s gorgeous. Sketchbooks are my guilty pleasure. I fill them though 🙂

      • I have cupboards stuffed full of them. Can’t bear to part with them nor split them up 😀

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