Sketch of an Artist Working


Graphite, gouache, ink.  5″ x 6″

I have found that orange is difficult to draw over.  Not physically difficult, I mean the brightness is distracting! I got carried away toning the orange down with white ink but I’m pleased with the look overall.  I do wish I could bring the orange back a little and some of the writing as well.

I want to rework this in a larger format, partly because I like the feeling of it, and partly as an opportunity to fix the major mistake I’ve cropped out here.   Where the shoulder connects to the arm, connecting to the elbow, connecting to the forearm, to the wrist.  Can I blame the mistake on the orange?  It was so bright!

  1. It looks like he has an inner fire and is very compelling. I wouldn’t change anything. It’s wonderful.

  2. Gabriel Gunello said:

    I can think of no color to represent this theme and I agree with you, orange is indeed too bright and we get carried away by it! xD It is really hard.

  3. ramaink said:

    The white gives it an oomph, a lovely definition. Of course, you are the creator and must follow your heart and instinct, but it is lovely the way it is, too! 🙂

  4. Would love to see more. Glad you’re posting again.

  5. Annette Gayle said:

    Awesome! You are talented! I like the orange coming through.

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