Pencil Sketch: Gary Oldman


Graphite.  5″ x 8″.

I found this drawing today while flipping through a sketchbook and drinking my morning coffee.  It is dated September 11, 2016.  I don’t remember exactly what I was thinking about that day.  I do remember finding a photo of Gary Oldman and something in his expression seemed to mirror a little of how I felt. Gary became the spark for this drawing.

I  sometimes wonder why I draw people more than other subjects.  I’m not certain of the answer.  When I look at art the work that speaks to me the most is figurative work.  Why is that the case?  Even with conceptual art and multi-media installation it’s the work that has to do with people that interests me.

On that note if you live in the Houston area and have not seen Adam Magyar’s video installation yet you need to see it before it goes away.  It is on display through March 26th at the MFAH.  Magyar uses a high speed camera to film from a train pulling into a station filled with commuters.  The film is slowed down to stretch 12 seconds into 8 minutes and is projected onto 3 large walls.  The work is mesmerizing.  I plan on taking the family this weekend before it’s gone.

Here is a link to an excerpt: “Stainless” by Adam Magyar

What kind of art speaks to you?

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