4161, Yellow Onion

Ink, gouache, pencil on paper.  5.5" x 8"

Ink, gouache, pencil on paper. 5.5″ x 8″

Texas sweet yellow onion.  This one got chopped and cooked with some green bell pepper and beef fajita meat.  

The produce code drawings are a lot of fun for me and I really don’t know why.  Maybe because it is approaching traditional subject matter (think still life with a bowl of fruit) in a non-traditional way. There often is a challenge involved and in the case of the onion it was how to indicate the thin, peeling skin. Fun stuff.

And speaking of fun, I love the white ink gel rollerball! Pentel Sunburst, if you’re interested. It skips a lot and clogs but I think it’s because I use it over gouache and ink. Maybe it wouldn’t do that if it was simply dark paper. Perhaps it is not meant to be abused in the way I do. There is now a PITT artist pen with white ink but I haven’t done anything with it yet. I’m tempted to go into the onion with it, although I like the way it looks as is.

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