Pismo Beach Hotel

Ink on paper, 7" x 8"

Ink on paper, 7″ x 8″

We are having a great time on our family vacation in California. I went out early this morning for some sketching in Pismo.

Pismo is a groovy little beach town with fun shops and places to eat. Downtown Pismo is about 2 blocks- very small. I was out drawing at 6:30am so the only people around were the trash man, joggers, and a few people out for a morning walk. Down at the pier there were a few fishermen and a couple of surfers in the water.

I leaned against a palm tree and drew the old Pismo Beach Hotel. Plaque on the wall says 1937. A combination of the time of day and the fog meant flat light with few shadows, but it was still fun to draw. Mornings here are very foggy and cool. It’s a big difference from the temperatures at home in Texas where the daily low is higher than the Pismo beach high.

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