Texting Fairy

Pencil on paper

Pencil on paper

A pencil drawing based on a photograph of my daughter. She was running around the yard in her fairy costume and doing something on Mommy’s Blackberry. With her wand, the phone, and her crazy hair it was a hilarious scene.

It got me thinking about who a fairy might send a text message to and what they might say.

“Omg t.f. I can’t sub for you sat. Collected molars for you last weekend.”

This is another test post from the ipad. I think I have it worked out now. When I use the WP app things don’t get formatted the way I want them. It comes out just fine if I use the browser. Have any of you had that problem before? Used an app to adjust contrast and such because I wasn’t pleased with the pictures it was taking. I think the low contrast confuses the image processor and everything gets greyed out.

So next week: vacation! We are so ready.

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