94413, Organic Bosc Pears

94413 Organic Bosc Pears

Ink and watercolor on paper. 5″ x 5″

No, I didn’t draw ninety-four thousand pears!  Only two of them.  94413 is the produce code for Organic Bosc Pears.  I pulled out the old watercolor tin and dusted it off for this one.  It has been a very long time since it has seen any action.   I was inspired by my wife’s godfather who visited us recently and showed us some watercolors he had done on his travels.  I loved his colors and use of white space.

We are getting ready for our annual family trip to California next week, and I’m telling myself that I will do some watercolor sketching while we’re there.   It’s going to be super awesome; two days in San Diego and the remainder of the two weeks on the central coast.

  1. These are beautiful, Rob. I just had a synesthesia moment, hearing Simon and Garfunkel while looking at them. Hope you and Darby have a wonderful family trip. Need to see y’all sometime.

  2. The power of the comma makes all things clear. Very lively pears. I like that they seem so organic compared to the number they’ve been reduced to. 🙂

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