Drawing: Device Worship


Goache, ink and pencil on paper.

Is it ever disturbing to you to see a public space where it seems like everyone is stooped or slumped over their electronics and oblivious to everything else?  I know I’m not the first to bring this up and I will spare you from a long rant.  Sometimes it is really strange to me.  Often it looks like prayer, but it’s really just Facebook, crushing candies, and email.

My family and I love our electronics just like most people, but we have some rules about their use.  The big one is no electronics at the table at meal time.  Especially in restaurants.  The other big one for me is turn it off when you’re walking.

Do you have rules about mobile usage at your house, or for yourself?

  1. Rob's mom said:

    I thought it was just old folks like your parents that felt this way!! Love your sketches and your comments.

  2. Annette said:

    So true! I feel the same way…..said using my much worshipped device but I’m not eating or walking!

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