Rain Bird

Ink, gouache, pastel pencil, 10″x8″.

This handsome fellow I have given the name Rain Bird because it’s been raining all day, I’ve been listening to Love and Rockets, and because he’s a bird!  Need there be more reasons?I recorded some video of him at the zoo when the kids and I went a couple of weeks ago and used that as my reference.  Goodness, what if he is really a her?!  She might be upset about this.  Next time I’ll try and make a note of species and gender.

This drawing is on two pages in my sketchbook.  To-do lists, gouache, ink and pastel pencil.  Originally I intended to do a lot more with color, but it got to this spot and felt right so I stopped.  Maybe Rain Bird will reappear in a painting.  The words in the top right are the opening lyric from “Rain Bird”, by Love and Rockets.  Yes, I am still listening to them after all these years!   When I can’t decide what to listen to, Love and Rockets usually gets put on.

I mentioned that I used video for reference on this one.  It occurred to me the other day that home movies could be a fun source of reference material for drawings and paintings.  I loaded the zoo video with the Rain Bird on the computer and used screen capture to get some stills.  Perfect.  I’ll definitely be doing it more.

Here’s a live performance of David J doing “Rain Bird”.

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