Brian Eno, Ink Sketch

Graphite, ink, gouache, 6″x6″

This is an old drawing of Brian Eno, done around the time I first began working on top of written notes and to-do lists.  It looks like the writing here is an art supply shopping list.  I stopped working on it when I saw the technical flaws staring me in the face, pun intended.  But I still like the way it looks overall and how it was coming together.  As the old saying goes: we learn from our mistakes.  Sometimes the mistakes can still look pretty good.

With that I’m off to listen to some Brian Eno and have lunch.

  1. I was listening to him today on my Pandora; great stuff, and nice drawing as well!

  2. Nice pic. What Eno work do you recommend? I think I heard a song he did with John Cale that I liked. V old tho.

    • Sorry it’s taken so long for a reply! I’ve been distracted. I’m a big fan of Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy (pretty old, interesting recording methods), My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (with David Byrne, lots of weird sampling), and the two recent ones: Drums Between the Bells and Small Craft on a Sea of Milk. He’s done a ton of music over the years.

      • Thanks for the recommendations – I’ve only heard some of his ambient stuff and a song he did with John Cale in the early eighties. I loved David Byrne so may check that stuff out.

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