More Sketching at the Science Museum

Graphite, 10″x8″.

We went back to the Houston Museum of Natural Science with our sketchbooks on Monday.  The New Hall of Paleontology- still awesome.  It turns out we had missed quite a few things on our first trip.  That’s easy to do with two kids who want to go different directions.  “Dad, come look at this!  Come this way!”.  Once again we had a super great time.

I love that the kids like to draw there, too.  “Dad, are you bringing pencils?”.  You know it.  It’s fun to watch other kids come up and peek over my kids shoulders while they draw.  My daughter was very tickled when a woman told her she had done a nice job on her turtle.

I kept my drawing simple and quick, pencil on paper.  I could spend hours drawing in that place.

  1. Stacey said:

    Hi Robert! So nice that you get the kids involved with the sketching… and that you even get them to the museum! FUN!
    I wanted to visit your blog and also thank you for following mine. I love to meet the wonderful folks who take the time to follow me… I’m very grateful! It’s also great to see that we’re so close to each other. I’m in Beaumont… only 90 miles away. Houston has wonderful museums and we love going to the Menil anytime we’re in town.
    Love the whole sketchbook blog idea, it’s really lovely. That’s one think I wish I could do (draw). Didn’t get that gene, unfortunately… but I’ll enjoy looking at yours.

    • Right on, Stacey, and thanks for stopping by!

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