The New Hall Of Paleontology at HMNS

Ink, gouache, china marker, 8″x5″

I took the kids to the Houston Museum of Natural Science this past Friday.  We got to see the NEW Hall of Paleontology.  Unbelievable.  Amazing.  Fantastic.  Freakin’ awesome.  Every time I turned a corner and saw the next thing I got goose bumps.  I could go on and on about how cool it is,  but I will just give the two things that really stood out to me from my first visit.

First: the mammoth skeleton that has just smacked an early human hunter with his tusks, sending the human skeleton flying through the air above the walkway.  So cool.  My daughter said, “the mammoth, he doesn’t want the person to ride him.”  The docent there was really great with the kids and gave them fossilized teeth I have forgotten how many millions of years old.  It’s very odd to carry around a baggie of fossilized teeth in your pocket.  But in this situation- it’s a super cool kind of odd!

Second: The Quetzalcoatlus skeletons.  The museum has had one flying in their main hall for years, but now there are three!  The flying one we’ve enjoyed for years is now suspended from the ceiling in the new hall, and the wingspan has to be something like 30 feet.  Not kidding.  It’s amazing.  And the two new ones are on the ground.  One is protecting a clutch of eggs, and the other has it’s wings folded.  Did I say amazing?  They are amazing.

The kids and I had our sketchbooks and sat and drew for a bit.  I chose the Dimetrodon because there was a nice bench to sit on.  I discovered that the bench itself is a giant slab of fossils!  I didn’t quite finish the drawing but I’m still pleased with what I got down on paper.  He’s a bit more smiley than the real one; the real one is more menacing.  Maybe my happiness and excitement made it’s way into the drawing.  The information sign on the wall for Dimetrodon is captioned “Fabulous Fins For Slow Dancing”.  Too funny.

So we’re going back again today!  Yes, it’s that good.  I wonder what I should draw this time.

    • Thank you, Spiff! I appreciate the comment.

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