Harvey, The Sock Thief


Ink, gouache, 5″x8″

This is Harvey, my great, silly dog.  He has trained us all to put our socks in the hamper when we take them off.  How did he train us?  Well, if you leave your socks on the floor he will make them “disappear”.  He is a very smart human trainer.

Harvey’s tag is from Fetching Tags and if you like animals and you like blogs- then I bet you will like theirs at Scratch My Blog.

“The dog doesn’t question why he barks” is a Killing Joke lyric.  I wrote it in the sketchbook several days ago.  This morning when I sat down to draw I found the page and decided it was the perfect spot to draw Harvey.   He rarely barks so it’s rather startling when he does.  It’s big and deep and serious sounding.  I’ve been listening to lots of Killing Joke lately, including the new cd which is still unavailable in the US.  It was released in the UK April 2nd!  Thank you to the “friend of a friend” who was kind enough to get it for me.

And now that I’m completely sidetracked I should stop writing and take the kids to the Museum of Natural Science.  Maybe they’ll let me sit and draw for a few minutes.

    • I’m 96% sure that meant you like it. Thank you!

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