It’s Either Death or Whiskey!

Ink, gouache, china marker, 5″x8″.

This morning I was watching Wonders Of The Universe and did a couple of “paused tv” sketches.  The host of the show is Prof. Brian Cox and he has such an infectious enthusiasm for all things science.  Love it.  I suppose an explanation for the title is in order.  Professor Cox was at a glacial lagoon in Iceland where his boat guide told him about these icebergs that will rush to the surface from the sea floor very suddenly.  The big ones can flip your boat and kill you, or if it misses you can take chunks of the ice home and it’s great with whiskey poured over it.  I thought it was hilarious.

This drawing is PITT artist pens and a little china marker over gouache, on top of an old to-do list.  My screen times out after being paused for a couple of minutes so it encourages working quickly.


  1. Utterly fantastic series. Round here he is known as ‘smiley parka man’ and there seems to be a lot of swooning involved – not by me, of course. I believe he is making a new series at the moment.

    • Smiley Parka Man! That’s great. I’ll probably think of that every time I watch him now.

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