94664, Organic Tomato

Ink, gouache, graphite, china marker, 5″x6″

Did you know that when the produce code starts with a “9” it means the item is organic?

GMO produce would start with an “8”, but here in the US there is no requirement to label it so no one does.

Anyway, here’s another produce code drawing:  94664 organic tomato on the vine.  The vine was super fun to draw.   I will definitely do some more on the vine tomatoes in the future.  Maybe with some color even!

  1. This is lovely. Forgive my ignorance but what is a china marker?

    • It could also be called a grease pencil. It’s a hard, waxy, crayon-like thing that will write on just about any surface. Even glass, ceramic, or metal. I use a white one for light areas sometimes, or as a resist under ink or watercolor.

      • Ah – thanks. I take it you do your ink drawing straight on with no pencil sketching first? Sorry about the questions!

      • Ask anytime! I often go straight in with ink, but this one I sketched in pencil first. I suppose it depends on how confident I’m feeling about finding my line.

      • Thanks – I don’t feel so bad about guiding things along with pencil first – although I’m a lot more confident with pens than I once was.

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