Ink, gouache, graphite, 5.5″x3.5″

The third time is the charm, as they say!  This is preliminary sketch number three for a project I’m working on.  The other two sketches- well never mind those.  This one I’ll run with.

I’m doing a little “art barter” with a friend of mine who does collage and writes haikus, and she wants me to do a drawing of her dog.  I have some museum board that I may work on but I’ve not decided how to treat the background. My friend likes seeing the writing underneath the paint in my sketchbook drawings so I want to incorporate some of that.

  1. The crosshatching is really nice. There’s just enough to give form without overwhelming. 🙂

    • Thanks, Cavepainter. It’s easy to get carried away with that- I sure like to scribble!

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