Primary. Secondary. Borindary?

Graphite, ink, china marker, 5.5″x8″

When my son was learning about color in kindergarten he came up with a new category: Borindary Colors.  Black, white, grey and brown are Borindary Colors.  It was so awesome that we still use the term all the time.  Personally, I’m a big fan of Borindary Colors and use them a lot in my sketchbooks and drawings.  But yesterday the new stools for the art room arrived and they are NOT Borindary, so when I decided to draw one I had to bust out the red marker.   My wife found these stools online and we love them.  It took me a while to find my lines today so I started with pencil.  Used china marker as a resist for the highlights and everything else is PITT artist pens.

  1. It’s great when kids invent language – and it actually sounds perfectly believable. I might use borindary colours as a term when I go to the art gallery later today – see if I can fool some artsy types. Nice drawing too. I sawed a tree trunk in two to make our kids art shed stools.

    • I’ve seen the tree trunk stools in your photograph- they’re great. Thanks for the comment.

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