Thank You Clamp

Ink, gouache, china marker. 5.5"x8"

You’ve never heard of a Thank You Clamp?  Well, they’re new.

I came home the other day and hanging on the front door handle was a shiny new c-clamp.  In any other circumstances that would strike me as supremely odd, but I knew where it came from so I just laughed.  Several days ago my neighbor was putting his truck’s brakes back together and some finicky part was refusing to get back into place.  He needed some way to put pressure on it and asked if he could borrow a clamp.  The biggest clamp I had was just a hair too small.  My neighbor tried to crank it open just a tiny bit more- and pop!  The pressure pad broke off.  He then realized that the opening would be big enough and used it to get the stubborn part back in.  Since when is a broken tool the right tool for the job?  Normally a broken tool in this situation would mean another trip to the hardware store.  So nutty.  Anyway the clamp I found on the door was a replacement from my neighbor.  It was a Thank You Clamp.

This was fun to draw.  Trying to create an indication of metal tones without getting really bogged down in the details. The background is gouache on top of an old to-do list, and the drawing is fountain pen, PITT artist pens, and china marker.  I had to look up the Bessey tool company because I hadn’t heard of it before.  On the main page of their website is a quote from the company’s founder that I will share:

One who stops improving himself has already ceased to be good.  -Max Bessey

Love it.  And I bet this new clamp won’t break like the old one did.  That was definitely not Bessey.  So lots of thank you’s are in order.  Thank you neighbor for the new clamp.  Thank you Bessey Tools for the inspirational quote, and for making my clamp.  And thank you Dad, for teaching me how to use all kinds of tools.

Can someone really write 320 words about a c-clamp?  Yes!  That just happened!

  1. And when dealt lemons – make lemonade! Thanks for sharing.

    • That’s right! You’re welcome, and thank you for coming by to look.

  2. That’s a fab post – nice work – makes ke want to draw something ‘real world’. I think I would get bogged down in the detail. Nice quote too.

    • Thanks, Artshed70. Real world stuff can be fun. You can find inspiration anywhere! Sometimes even hanging on the doorknob.

  3. Richard Kimball said:

    One never knows about his neighbors, some have clamps, some have talent, and you find out that some have both. “Thanks” from the neighbor who left town in such a hurry, he didn’t have time to write a note.

    • You’re very welcome. I’m glad you came by too look!

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