Ink and a pointy stick.

Ink and gouache. 5.5"x8.5"

Sometimes the right tool for the job is a pointy stick.  You need to reset a certain electronic device with that little pinhole button?  A pointy stick will do it.  Hunting wooly mammoth with your tribe on the frozen tundra?  Pointy stick again (only bigger!).  Bamboo skewers can be really fun to draw with.  Just dip one in some ink and have at it!  In the above pointy stick and ink drawing is my daughter, drawing on a transparency for an overhead projector- another obsolete tech that is fun to play with.

  1. I really dig the to do lists. I try and read everything. Very cool sketch of your daughter!

    • Thanks, Mortimer. In a way I’m bringing art into my everyday mundane stuff. And recycling! Repurposing? Something like that.

  2. Might need to try the pointy stick thing myself. Just a plain skewer – no adaptations? Looks nice and spontaneous – as does a lot of your work.

    • I sharpened it a bit. Wasn’t pointy enough.

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