1. BreOfficialBlog said:

    Nicely Done Hands, I can never draw hands by any means as they come out looking quite…strange. Again, Well Done = )

    • Thanks! And I know what you mean, Bree! I believe that sometimes hands are challenging because I start to draw what I think is there, instead of what I see.

  2. Very good sketches; hands on repurposed small pages equals great drawings to look at. And yeah; hands are indeed a challenge. I have whole pages in my sketchbooks dedicated just to hands. When I draw people on the train, I usually work down to the hands as fast as I can, then hang out there for a while focusing on fingers, knuckles, thumbs, etc…

  3. Thank you, Jason. Drawing on the train you must have to work quickly. I dig those metro drawings of yours.

  4. LV said:

    Love the hands! Through time hands always tell a story.

  5. When I was a kid I could never draw hands so all my characters had hands in their pocket, behind their backs or holding something. These are great!

  6. Catherine Valenzuela said:

    hands are my favorite body part, almost. i love these

    • Thanks, Catherine! I’m glad you came to have a look.

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