Typewriter Haiku


I was inspired this morning by the typewriter at Peach Farm Studios, so I pulled out our old typewriter and started drawing.

It was at first just going to be some really quick scribbles but then became more involved. Super fun. The tricky part for me is not getting too fussy over the key mechanisms. Ink, graphite, paper and type. 5.5″ x 8″.

  1. Reblogged this on Peach Farm Studio and commented:
    On behalf of Wry, the Peach Farm Studio typewriter, we would like to introduce you to his friend Remington, SiverBlack’s typewriter. Enjoy the delightful portrait drawn and haiku written by SiverBlack, inspired by Wry.

    (NOTE: If you are inspired by Wry, the Peach Farm Studio typewriter, to create a piece of original “TYPEWRITER THEMED” art or an original handwritten poem, let us know about it so we can help to share it with the world on our blog. If you take the extra step and actually send to us in the MAIL (NOT via email) the ORIGINAL piece of art or the ORIGINAL HANDWRITTEN poem, we will MAIL a letterpress print to you as a “Thank you” gift from Peach Farm Studio. The letterpress print we will mail to you will be a linocut print of Wry and will include one of his poems or quotes. The address to send ORIGINAL artwork (not photocopies or prints) or ORIGINAL HANDWRITTEN (not photocopied) poems to is: Peach Farm Studio c/o ZenGei Works, PO Box 3655, Santa Rosa, CA 95402, USA. Offer is good now through June 30, 2012. Tell a friend!)

  2. Thank you, we are honored. Wry is honored. We loved this so much, we shared your post on our blog. Happy blogging!

  3. FYI – We also shared your post on our Facebook and Twitter page. Enjoy!

  4. Thank you, Wry, and friends at Peach Farm! Super Groovy.

  5. Krista said:

    I miss my typwriter, despite the pain it caused me…with my mis-typing, smudgy pages and correction fluid. I loved the sound it made and the beauty of a typed page. Thank you for reminding me of that wonderful piece of technology.

    • Maybe a typewriter is in your future. It sounds like you have a great affinity for them. Your welcome, and thank you for the comment.

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